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The Claims Division, including the Claims Appeals Board performs some work once performed by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) in settling general claims by or against individuals and businesses. Most of these claims arise under Section 3702 of title 31 of the United States Code. Today the Claims Division considers appeals of claims for uniformed services pay and allowances (including travel, transportation, retired pay and survivor's benefits) and appeals of claims of transportation carriers for amounts deducted from them for loss or damage. Additionally, the Claims Division considers initial requests over a certain dollar threshhold, and appeals of requests under that amount, by individuals who, due to equitable considerations, seek to retain sums of money erroneously paid to them for pay and allowances. Due to the appellate nature of DOHA's mission, individuals with claims or waiver applications must file them through the responsible paying office (e.g., the Defense Finance and Accounting Service within the Department of Defense (DoD)), and not with the Claims Division. Oral hearings are not available; appeal decisions and requests for reconsideration are based only on the written record. Reconsideration decisions of the Claims Appeals Board, and applicable Directives and Instructions, are available through the menu below.